The Short of It

Hello! I’m Josh. I’ve been known to write, amongst a number of other things, many of which are not relevant to this bio.

Writing is my way of being useful to the world around me. Through writing, I’m able to put the amazing messages and goals of others into a form that will be understood and retained by their desired audiences. 

When you hire me, you don’t just hire someone who is committed to skillfully mediating between client and audience, you hire a collaborator, a partner committed to your goals. 

The Long of It

After receiving my masters in English, I taught Rhetoric and Composition to underclassmen at Appalachian State University. Throughout both of these experiences, I was consistently reminded of how we as humans try to fit knowledge into the form of narrative, into some sort of linear structure that helps us understand what it is next.

When I decided to take my expertise into the world of professional writing, I took this lesson with me. All writing is storytelling, whether you’re building a brand or making an argument.

Sometimes, it is difficult to tell our own stories, our identities and ideas, because we understand them in a way no one else ever could. My goal as a writer is to ease that difficulty for others. By listening with an astute and empathetic ear, I take what my clients want to share and package it in a narrative built for the audience who will read it.

A Little About You

A Short Word on Rates

For a number of my clients, I am the first writer they have worked with. I specialize in either helping clients confidently transfer their writing responsibilities to me, or further understand how they want their message to be written about.

While I have my own standard rates, every project is different, and I imagine yours is no exception. In order to calculate a rate that treats you fairly and compensates me adequately, I prefer to discuss rates after discussing the project.

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