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Tail Talez

Tail Talez is an animal rescue news and education publisher. I am the sites co-founder and manage everything on the front end. I write, edit, and publish the stories and articles, hire and manage the freelancers, and run the social accounts.

Seasonal Lighting Design

Seasonal Lighting Design specializes in outdoor holiday and event lighting. I built their website from the ground up and now manage it. I update the site as new material comes in from both their team and their clients. I also handle their sales, marketing, and operations management.

Blog Posts

7 Tips to Help Your High Energy Dog Live Their Best Life

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“Resources for Family Caregivers Caring for Older Adults”

“The Advantages of Senior Living Communities in Times of ‘Social Distancing'”

Podcast Scripts and Show Notes

“Why the Unreasonable Entrepreneur is Most Likely to Succeed” (Executive Aspect Podcast Ep. 21)

Fear is a Liar – Ramin Jahedi: Optic Tour

Interview Based Writing

“Tiny, Stray Senior Dog Rescued Off Street, Spends Golden Years Roller Skating”

“Two Hero Men Devote Their Lives to Rescuing Cats From Trees”

“Sick Cat Suddenly Disappears, Woman Shocked to Find Her Picture Online”

Blog Posts

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